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What is Kiss918 & SCR888?

For those who are already veterans of the online casino realm, this name should not be an unfamiliar one. In fact, the name 918Kiss is one of the most commonly mentioned one among players. In the region, 918Kiss or SCR888 is arguably the biggest and most popular online casino platform. With a huge player base, this is definitely the ideal platform for any newbie or novice players to try their hands on an online casino.

Actually, we were previously known as SCR888. After that, we have rebranded ourselves into Kiss918 as we attempt to make innovative efforts to make our online casino better for players.

Why are online casinos like 918Kiss are getting popular?

It goes without saying that entertainment is an important part of our lives. Good entertainment keeps us occupied and allows us to make the most out of our free time. One of the most popular forms of entertainment ever since ancient times has always been casinos and games. Most ancient civilizations are already indulging in forms of casinos and games.

Perhaps, it is within human nature that tempting luck and skill always entices us. Furthermore, most of these games allow you to be rewarded and that just adds further to its excitement factor! Now, we have plenty of casinos available worldwide. From dazzling Las Vegas to bustling Macau, casinos attract plenty of people worldwide. However, online casinos have recently started to make a name for themselves.

Online casinos like Kiss 918 and SCR888 are online-based casinos. This means that they are available anywhere at anytime as long as your have access to internet.

Easy to access

This is going to be especially true this year with the current pandemic situation worldwide. Businesses are forced to close and entertainment outlets are off limits. Physical casinos are almost unavailable, and even if they are open, physical contact still pose a health risk at this moment. Online casinos provide an alternative solution for those wanting to try their luck even during these trying times. As long as you have a smart device, whether it is a phone, a tablet or a computer, you can continue to enjoy the games as long as you are still connected to the internet.

Latest technology

Online casinos like Kiss918 and SCR888 are developed using the latest technology. As security and the safety of our players are always a top priority, they always ensure that the latest security measures are being implemented on the platform at all times. This includes firewalls to prevent hacking issues and also cheat detection to ensure each game that players play will be fair and square. Even cashing out is simple and safe as your winnings are instantly transferred to you. No need to hold all your cash in the open, which can be quite dangerous as in the case with traditional casinos. 

Great variety of games

One of its greatest attractions of any online casino will be its collection of games. SCR888 and Kiss918 are famous for having some of the biggest collection of games in the world of online casinos. Each day, the folks over there are still actively adding more new stuff into their already impressive game library. This is to ensure that players never run out of things to play, with each game offering a different twist and experience for players to enjoy!

Below is the Kiss918 and SCR888 game list:

  • T-REX, Treasureisland, TreasureChase, TouchDown, KingDerby, Kimochi, JinQianWa, JAPAN, IrishLuck, InTheShell, India, ICELAND, HuluCock, HoldEm, HighWay, HalloweenParty, HalloweenFortune, GreenLuck, Greenlight, GreatStars, GreatBlue, GoldRush, GoldenTree, GoldenTour, GoldenSlut, GoldenLotus, GoldCoin, GodOfWealth, Girls, Garden, Fruit, FortunePanda, FORTUNE, ForestDance, FootBall, FiveDragon, FishingStar, FengShen, Fame, Fashion, FairyGarden, EmperorGate, Easter, DragonTiger, DragonMaiden, DragonGold, Dragon, DoubleBonus, DolphinReef, DaShengNaoHai, Crystal, Crazy7, CoyoteCash, CorhtailPatty, CookiePop, Cleopatra, Circus, CherryLove, CheeseInTheTrap, CasinoWar, Captain, Bulls, BoyKing, Boxing, BonusBears, BlackJack, BisonRampage, BigShot, Belangkai, BattleWorld, BallSlots, Baccarat, Aztec, ANightOut, AncientForest, Amazon, Aladdin, Alice, AfricanWildLife, TopGun, ThunderBold, ThreeKingdoms, TheDiscovery, Thai, TallyHo, StoneAge, SteamTower, Spartan, SinglePick, ZombieGrave, ZhaoCaiJinBao, Wukong, WongChoy, Witch, WildFox, WesternRanch, Wealth, WaterMargin, Victory, Unicons, Twister, Silver, SicBo, ShiningStars, Shark, SeaWorld, Seasons, SeaCaptain, Samurai, SAFARIHeat, Roulettle73, Roulettle24, Roulettle12, Roulettle, RobinHood, ReelClassic, RanchStory, Rally, Prosperity, PritateShip, PolarAdventures, PokerThree, Pokemon, Pirate, Phoenix, PayDirt, PantherMoon, PanjinLian, Panda, Oz, Orient, OhMyHero, OceanParadise, OceanKing, NianNianYouYu, MysticChina, MotorBike, MonkeyStory, MonkeySlots, MoneyFever, MoneyBunny, MagicalSpin, LUPIN, LiKuiPiYu, LicenseToWin, Laura

Why you should choose Kiss918?

High Security

One of the most important concerns that players always have is about security. So many of our players have previously had their games ruined simply because there was a hacker. There are even cases where their private information is stolen due to hackers. As such, our team has committed a lot of resources into keeping our platforms safe and secure from these hackers. Our systems all utilize the latest 128-bit encryption technology to protect your information. All of our players can rest assured that 918Kiss always provides a safe platform where you can enjoy without any worries.

Amazing user interface

Just like any shopping mall or shoplot, the exterior matters just as much as the interior. At Kiss918, we have trained an in house team of experienced graphic designers to come up with an interactive and attractive user interface for players. Rest assured that each pixel on the website is carefully curated and designed. For newbies or novice players, the website will prove to be very intuitive to use and you will start winning and enjoying yourselves in no time at all! For the veterans and pros, our user interface is always being refined and tweaked so that you never grow bored of our games!

Hassle-free withdrawal and top ups

At 918Kiss, we are the only online casino in the world that offers hassle-free withdrawals and top ups. So many of players have told us that the main reason they prefer 918Kiss over other online casinos is because of our smooth and easy transaction process. Each of our players have never experienced the usual shady top up processes. All top ups are processed instantly and will be reflected in your accounts immediately.

The same goes for the withdrawal process. Nothing is more upsetting than being unable to withdraw your winnings. The money and rewards that you have won fair and square here at Kiss918 will be immediately transferred upon request. Here, we do not have any dodgy fine print or terms and condition that prevent you from taking out your hard earned winnings. This is in fact, one of 918Kiss’ greatest strength when compared to other online casinos out there in the market.

Regular maintenance

At Kiss918, we think that the best can actually be better. We do not ever stop innovating for new ideas and come up with better games for our players. To ensure that players always get the smoothest experience, we conduct regular maintenance to our systems. Our team is always relentlessly working to ensure the platform is always running smoothly and safely. Say no more to random disconnects or down times when you are having the game of your life!

As you have seen above, 918Kiss possess many good qualities that people look for in a trusted online casino. Our popularity is not gained overnight, as we have spent years on R&D to come up with a safe and fun environment for all of our players. This is what makes us different compared to other online casinos.

Some 918kiss Tips for you

1. Try as much game as possible; don't dwell on just one game.

2. Remember to claim the free credit/welcome bonus when you first register the game account; take advantage of it.

3. Decide your budget before you start playing the game.

4. Putting the maximum bet might get a higher chance to win.

5. Don't be trapped by the high amount of the jackpot; you might lose all the credit once you try.

6. do not deposit the same fixed amount into your account every time, occasionally deposit more or less.

How to install Kiss918 & SCR888 APK and on IOS

To start it off, you are able to enjoy all of our curated games as long as you own a smart device running on either Android or iOS. Available in all markets, our platform is widely accessible as long as you are connected to the internet.

918Kiss APK installation

For Android users out there, an APK stands for Android Application Package. So, APKs are the way to go for Android users. Just like installing any software on your computer, the APK automatically installs itself as long as you downloaded it from an official source. For Android users, you can actually download from either Chrome or Firefox extensions as well. Several apps even allow you to download from direct mirror links and URLs. The APK files that are downloaded in this manner can then be installed by enabling "Unknown sources" from "Accounts and Security" in Settings. Simple as that!

918Kiss iOS installation

On iOS powered devices, the .ipa file stands for iOS App Store Package. The file is an iOS application archive file which stores an iOS app. Each .ipa file includes a binary for the ARM architecture and can only be installed on an iOS device. As long as you downloaded the original file, you can then safely install it on your device without having to worry about it. However, a feature that you need to know is that for iOS powered devices, custom .ipa files must be manually enabled to install it.

Here are the steps you need to follow on you iOS device:

( Setting >> General >> Device Management >> All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd. >> Trust "All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd." >> Trust. )

At this point, you might be slightly sceptical about this. However, rest assured that this is just a built in internal security measure by iOS. It will not affect your device as long as you download your .ipa from original sources.

So what do we offer to our players?

The first thing that we offer to our players is a safe and secure environment to enjoy and play exciting games. Too many companies out there that claim this, but still fail to deliver so. With 918Kiss, you can rest assured that you are dealing with one of the most prestigious online casinos that is available anywhere. Our brand reputation is not built overnight, our years of consistency and quality service has made us a staple name among veteran players.

Other than that, we also offer first-class customer experience. When our players are happy, we are happy too! Each feedback is carefully taken care of and we constantly look to improve our players’ experience.

For newer players, jumping head first into any random games can be a daunting experience. Obviously, you are not sure what to do when you are first exploring our many wonderful games. No worries as we offer an extremely accessible system for new players.

Free games for beginners and new players

Making life easier for novice players, 918Kiss is one of the few online casinos out there that offers free games. This is one of the biggest advantage when you choose our platform because we are very welcoming for new players. If you do not feel confident to go all out just yet, just try out our free games that are designed to give you the same exciting experience! Not confident is that first roulette wheel spin? Here have a few spins for free to get the hang of it! That is how much we care about our players. Well if you think that only new players get to enjoy the best offers, continue reading on!

Loyalty Programme

At Kiss918, we care about all of our players. This means that our veteran players are definitely not neglected at all. We would like to reward all of the players that have chosen us as their preferred online platform. This is why we offer a rewarding loyalty point programme for all of our players, new and returning alike. Everyone is entitled for our loyalty points. The best thing is, you will always earn points with us regardless if you are winning or losing in the games. The points can be used for you to earn even more credits or game bonuses at any time!

So is Kiss918/SCR888 the right online casino for you?

Do you enjoy exciting games? Are you looking for a safe online casino platform? If your answer is yes to both of them, then yes Kiss918/SCR888 should be the right online casino for you! Our platform offers a plethora of exciting games, all within a safe and secure platform. Of course, do not take our word for it, try it out for yourself! Click to download the app and try it out now!

New Version Kiss918 and SCR888 Download link

Alright, there is only one thing that we need to let you know. ONLY download from OFFICIAL links and sources. This is because there are a lot of impostors out there that are trying to pretend to be us. As long as you download your APKs and .ipa files from our official links, you are definitely safe to go!

Once you have downloaded our apps, you just need to get in touch for our friendly service agents to create your new account. One secret tip for you guys, always ask for a bonus! We are always more than happy to give your new account some free credits or additional credits for your top ups.

So yes, this is 918Kiss where players are always our number one priority. Again, you do not have to take our words for it. Click on the 918kiss download link to download it now and try it out for yourself! Just make sure that you leave us some great feedback if you enjoy the games. Enjoy folks!

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